Best Cities in the World to Visit for Craft Beer Lovers

Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

Whether you are looking to explore traditional flavors or the most cutting-edge technologies, there are a few cities that stand out as must-visit destinations for true craft beer lovers. Let’s take a look.

Portland, Oregon, USA

Renowned as the craft beer capital, Portland has over 70 breweries. From small, experimental breweries to established craft beer pioneers, Portland offers a diverse range of flavors and styles. When you visit, don’t miss Belmont Street or the iconic Pearl District for a great beer adventure.

Brussels, Belgium

Belgium’s capital is a haven for beer connoisseurs. Known for its traditional brewing methods and diverse beer styles, Brussels hosts historic beer pubs called “Brasseries” where you can sample Trappist ales, lambics, and more.

Munich, Germany

While famous for Oktoberfest, Munich’s beer culture extends beyond the festival. The city has many historic beer halls, breweries, and beer gardens. Enjoy Bavarian classics like Helles, Dunkel, and Weissbier in the iconic Hofbräuhaus or Augustiner-Keller for a special experience.

Tokyo, Japan

This may come as a surprise, but Tokyo’s craft beer movement is flourishing, with microbreweries and craft beer bars showcasing local and international brews. Visit districts like Shibuya or Kanda for a taste of Japan’s craft beer revolution.