Best “Anti-cafés” in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Anti-cafes are generally a new idea that started in Russia and became popular around 2011. Sometimes called pay-per-minute cafes, anti-cafes are a place where customers only pay for their time spent there and not for what they’re served. It usually comes with coffee, tea, cake, and sometimes shisha, and the rates vary depending on the country. Let’s take a look at the top 3 anti-cafes in Saint Petersburg.


Freedom is perhaps the most famous anti-cafe in Saint Petersburg both because of its location and grandeur. It’s located right off of Nevsky prospect, the main street in Saint Petersburg, and has big tall ceilings with old portraits. Many events and musical jams take place here with an old classical piano and a guitar available for guests to use.


Ziferblat is the original anti-cafe which started in Saint Petersburg. It now has multiple locations throughout the world including a few in the UK, Moscow, and Slovenia. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and biscuits are included in your “paid time” and many artists and locals frequent the sight of the cafe that started this cool trend.


Most people would describe Miracle as “cozy”. A much calmer version of the anti-cafes, Miracle is a place where you kick back on a nice couch for a cup of coffee and tea and a bite to eat. It is located in close proximity to the Hermitage, the second biggest art museum in the world, so it makes for the perfect stop after a long day at the museum.