Best Airlines to Take for Each Cabin Class

Man sitting on an airplane seat
Photo by Joakim Honkasalo on Unsplash

When it comes to flying, choosing the cabin class to fly in will depend on your priorities. For those seeking affordability, economy class would be the best option. For those seeking a bit of luxury, space, and perhaps some scrumptious food, then business or first class might be more your speed. Here are the best airlines to fly in each cabin class so that you can maximize your flight experience.

Economy Class

Southwest Airlines has proven to be the airline of choice when it comes to traveling on a budget. What makes Southwest specifically appealing is that it offers two checked bags, complimentary snacks, and an open seating policy, all of which many other airlines do not provide.

Premium Economy

For those looking for extra comfort and more legroom without paying excessive fees, the premium economy has emerged as an ideal compromise. Alaska Airlines has emerged as a top option, given that it provides 4 inches more legroom along with free beer, wine, and cocktails along with early boarding.

Business And First Class

When it comes to business and first class, no airline seems to outdo Delta Air Lines. The Delta One business class seats have a lie-flat design, enabling you to feel as if you’re in your own bed at home while sleeping along with fully-closing doors, offering absolute privacy.