Bernal Heights Offers Some of the Best Views of San Francisco

Photo by Kace Rodriguez on Unsplash

San Francisco is home to many epic viewpoints where tourists go to take the amazing panorama shots of the city, but none of them compares to Bernal Heights. This park offers the most spectacular views of the city’s skyline that will take your breath away.

Bernal Heights Park shares its name with one of San Francisco’s residential neighborhoods. It’s popular with hikers and dog-walkers, but occasional tourists come here just as often to enjoy the epic view that shows San Francisco in its full glory.

With the Golden Gate Bridge to your left and the Bay Bridge on the right, you can take amazing photos of the city on a clear day. One of the best things about this park is that it’s not as crowded as the majority of the city’s top attractions, especially if you visit it at the right time.

If you decide to put it on your travel itinerary, make sure to look for its picture-perfect swing. Most people visiting Bernal Heights Park don’t even consider leaving before taking a fairytale shot while sitting on the swing, enjoying the breeze in their hair, and admiring the beauty of San Francisco.