Beaches, Rainforests, and Cities: Costa Rica Has it All

Photo by Esteban Venegas on Unsplash

It’s so easy to dream about planning the perfect vacation, but it’s hard to actually do so. One common problem that I encounter on many of my trips is simply getting bored of seeing the same things over and over again.

This, however, will not be a problem for anyone who is lucky enough to travel to the stunning Central American country of Costa Rica. The amount of diversity that can be found in such a small country will stun visitors with its options of things to do. 

Are you looking for a beach vacation? Well, Costa Rica offers that. With 763 total miles of coastline, you’ll find a vast array of tropical stretches of stand to relax or go surfing on. Some of the top beaches in Costa Rica include Tamarindo Beach, famed for its surfing, and Manzanillo Beach, whose palm-lined white sand beach is on the warm Caribbean.

Now, what if you want to spend some time in the rainforest too? Don’t worry, because Costa Rica also has you covered there. With a grand total of 28 national parks (3 of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites), you’ll be able to see a hugely biodiverse selection of fauna and flora. Manuel Antonio National Park and Rincon de la Vieja are two of my top picks for Costa Rican parks.

Finally, don’t think that Costa Rica doesn’t have city attractions as well. The medium-sized and busy, yet comfortable, capital of San Jose is home to a growing art and culinary scene that captures just what makes this small country so magical.

Don’t hesitate and start thinking about booking a trip to Costa Rica as soon as possible!