Avoid These Foods on Planes

Plane food can be pretty hit or miss. If you are flying in business or first class, then it will be very good. If you’re flying in economy, then some of that plane food might be a bit suspect. Here are some foods you may want to avoid the next time you fly. 

Meat Dishes

The chicken or beef might smell pretty good when it comes by, but you should be aware that the food may have been reheated multiple times. That leaves the meat quite squishy and microwaving food kills all of the nutrients. If there is a vegetarian option, try that. 

Tap Water

This one should be a given, but do not drink any of the tap water. You’re not saving money by going to the bathroom to fill up your water bottle, instead, you may be making yourself very sick. The tap water used in the washrooms comes from tanks that are only cleaned once a year. That makes those tanks bacteria central and you could become very sick while enroute.

Tea and Coffee

That same water used for the bathrooms is what is boiled and turned into tea and coffee on long haul flights. No matter how thirsty you are, always ask for bottled water or bring a large bottle of it yourself. Nobody wants to arrive at their destination sick when it could have been avoided.