Anchorage, Alaska Is the Ultimate Winter City

Photo by John Thomas on Unsplash

Alaska may be the perfect travel destination for you if you love winter. Anchorage is a popular travel destination all year long but it’s definitely at its best during winter. The largest city in Alaska has a population of around 260,000 people. It’s small enough to feel intimate and warm and yet big enough to give you plenty of things to explore and enjoy. Here are some of them.

Enjoy the Lights

Anchorage is often called the City of Lights because it tries hard to fight the winter darkness. The festive atmosphere here lasts longer than anywhere else because everyone decorates windows and trees with lights. There are annual festivals and other events held during winter in order to make the season more fun and warm.

Snow Sports

Snow is common in Alaska, so snow sports are very popular. You can try cross-country skiing in Kincaid Park or attend big ski events like Tour of Anchorage.

Fun for Families

People of all ages can have fun in Anchorage. Whether you choose to go ice-skating on frozen Westchester Lagoon, play hockey, or simply enjoy spending time together someplace warm over your favorite hot beverage, the city has everything you need.