Airbnb Shares Their List of Top Three Travel Trends for 2021

The way we approach travel has completely changed this year, and things are not going back to the way they were in 2021. Airbnb’s list of the biggest travel trends for 2021 is here, and most of them have emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote Working

According to Airbnb, we’ll take remote working to a new level next year. 83% of people who responded to their survey claim they would be willing to relocate while working from home and take life on the road now that they’re not tied to a physical workplace.

Photo by Euan Cameron on Unsplash

Close to Home

If you need another proof that staycations are here to stay, here it is—62% of responders claim they’re interested in going on a vacation within driving distance from home. Domestic travel is going to be bigger than ever, with travelers exploring national parks, winter ski, and beach towns in their home countries.

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Pod Travel

85% of survey respondents also expressed interest in relocating to be closer to their family. This trend is leading to a surge in the popularity of pod travel—accommodation options that allow groups of friends and family members to safely quarantine together.