Affordable Places to Travel in the US

Beach with city skyline and boardwalk in background
Myrtle Beach, SC, USA. Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

For both local and international tourists alike, the United States has secured its status as a popular travel destination. In addition to providing a wide array of activities to enjoy, the US can also be affordable if you know where to look. Here are some of the more affordable US hotspots to visit if saving money is on your mind.

Orlando, Florida

Unlike many bustling city centers, Orlando proves to be quite a cheap city in terms of food and accommodation. This comes as a surprise given that it’s home to a wide array of theme parks, most notably Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Ultimately, Orlando proves to be an exciting city to visit given its affordability so long as you plan your trip in advance.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

While coastal regions of the US are notorious for being expensive, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina proves to be an exception. With its free, golden beaches, pleasant weather all year round, and enormous boardwalk filled with restaurants and amusement park rides for the kids, you won’t grow tired of this charming city. Of course, no visit is complete without a round of mini-golf, especially since Myrtle Beach is known as the mini-golf capital of the world.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Despite being a lesser-known vacation spot, Albuquerque has no shortage of attractions to enjoy. Home to a bustling hot air balloon scene, this New Mexico city has no shortage of scrumptious food and southwestern art, available to peruse at the Albuquerque Museum and the National Hispanic Cultural Center.