A Visit to Dolac Market in Zagreb, Croatia is an Authentic Experience

Any guide to Croatia’s capital will mention Dolac Market. If you’re at all interested in markets, this is the one you won’t want to miss. Located right next to Ban Jelačić Square, Dolac is an active market frequented by locals, rather than a show for tourists.

A farmer’s market, Dolac is an open-air market that was built in 1930 and has been in business ever since. The market is divided to two sections: upper and lower.

In the upper market, you’ll find fresh local produce including fruits, vegetables, nuts, and flowers, as well as some local souvenir stalls.

The lower market includes butchers, fishmongers, and cheeses, all refrigerated and out of Croatian sun, as well as bakeries and fresh pasta. Delicious!

If you’re visiting the market in the morning get a breakfast Burek (a cheese-stuff pastry) to go from the lower market, and a fresh fruit for dessert from the upper market, and you’re set.

The market is open from 7 am until 3 pm every day besides Sunday, when it’s only open until 1 pm. We recommend planning your visit around the time of day you’re likely to get hungry.