A Visit to Beatrix Potter’s House

There are many great authors that have come out of England, but Beatrix Potter is renowned for her children’s series and the house where she wrote it.

Potter first began writing at her country home, Hill Top, in 1905 after making a name for herself with The Tale of Peter Rabbit. As one of England’s most well-known female authors, her home was given to the National Trust and opened to the public. 

Hill Top

The house itself was built in the 17th century and designed to be used as a farmhouse. As you walk through the rooms, you will see that everything has been preserved from when Potter was alive. It is now a museum dedicated to her life and the importance of conservation. This was one area that she worked in for many years before her passing, as she had a particular love for nature and animals. This shines through in her children’s stories. 

Getting Here

To visit the house and the surrounding gardens you will need to travel to Cumbria by car or take the train to Windermere Station. At present, the house is closed to the public due to the pandemic. When it’s open, tickets are about $10.00 and can be booked in advance. If you want to feel like you are walking back in time, then this is a lovely day trip.