A Traditional Tea Ceremony In Kyoto, Japan

Photo by Roméo A. on Unsplash

Kyoto, a religious and cultural center in Japan, is a beautiful small city. Rich in temples and surrounded by rivers and waterfalls. The city is very small, and getting around is done by public transport, taxi, or bicycle.

One of the most worthwhile attractions in Kyoto is attending a traditional tea ceremony at one of the local tea houses, in the old quarter of the city. 

In a traditional Japanese wooden house, you will be greeted with kind hospitality by the owners, and sit on Japanese mats covered with thin mattresses (the tatami) after you have taken off your shoes at the entrance to the tea house.

The tea ceremony will usually be conducted by one of the women working at the place, dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono, and when the tea is served to you according to the rules of the ceremony in dedicated cups.

There are special rules for hospitality, pouring, sipping, and even conversation. The tea ceremony is long, so take a few hours to enjoy it comfortably, before continuing to your next outing in the city.