A Guide to the Vibrant Architecture of Qingdao, China

Photo by billow926 on Unsplash

The Chinese city of Qingdao is home to some pretty stunning architectural projects. Whether you’re a budding architect or a seasoned architectural tourist, Qingdao is going to be of interest. Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing to whet your appetite.

Central Pavilion

A cluster of pavilions has been created by the Dutch firm UNStudio in the form of a Chinese flower. The central pavilion hosts horticultural exhibitions and festivals.

The Eden Project

The Chinese Eden Project is going to be completed in Qingdao. The ecological park is modeled on the theme of water and will have the largest inside waterfall in the world.

Cruise Terminal

The angular facade of the cruise terminal has the form of a ship’s sails billowing in the wind, imitating the many boats that set out from the city’s harbor.

Nanjing Road Tower Blocks

A cluster of tower blocks on the Nanjing Road is modeled on pints of beer. Golden brown structures push out of the ground in a variety of shapes and sizes, lit up against the night sky.