A Guide to Navigating Through Marrakech’s Souks

Photo by Rodolfo Cuadros on Unsplash

Souks are a type of “market district” that consist of hawkers, stores, and street vendors. Marrakech’s souks are especially famous due to their massive size and the impressive array of things that can be bought in them.

This doesn’t mean that the souks are perfect or without potential dangers. It’s important to know how to stay safe and keep your wallet from shrinking too fast within them.

So, here are some essential tips to have a fantastic souk experience.

Don’t be Afraid to Say “No”

Souk vendors can be very aggressive. They may try to get you to buy things in a pushy, rude fashion. Don’t be afraid to refuse and say “no” if you feel uncomfortable or if you’re being hassled by one.

Forget Google Maps

The souks are truly a maze, and their complex and complicated structure aren’t handled well by Google Maps. It’s best to just feel your way through the souks and use reference points as a means of knowing how to navigate.

See Where the Locals Shop

If a store is packed with tourists and pushy sellers, you’ll want to avoid it. Instead, look for the stores and hawkers that deal with locals to know the best places to buy things.

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Keep Your Possessions Close

The souks are packed with people and can be claustrophobic. Be sure to keep a close eye on your wallet and phone, because pickpockets are definitely a danger within them.