A Guide to Finding the Cheapest Accommodation

Photo by Manuel Moreno on Unsplash

We love to travel as much as the next person but understand that it can quickly become a burden on your bank account. Luckily, we’ve picked up some tips over the years for how to save money where it counts.

Here are our top tips.


Workaway is a volunteer site. Travelers agree to work for a set amount of hours a week in exchange for accommodation and often food too. You can stay in all kinds of locations including lively hostels, ranches or even yoga retreats.


Couchsurf is a great app for meeting locals and cutting accommodation costs. Locals will offer up their sofa to you so you can experience their city and in exchange, most of them just want to learn about your culture and have some interesting company.

Don’t Book In Advance

In Southeast Asia and South America, prices on Booking.com drop rapidly the longer you put off booking. Obviously, we don’t recommend doing this during peak times but if you’re traveling during low season, hold out for as long as you feel comfortable or even show up in person to book.

Offer Something In Return

Many hostels are open to the idea of exchanges. If you want a free room, have a think about what you can offer them. Can you fix up their social media accounts or provide live music in the evenings? Perhaps you are bar-trained or are a washing-up wizard. Have a think if there is something genuinely useful you can offer them and reach out.

Air BnB

Air BnB is becoming increasingly popular among travellers and for good reason. If you are staying in a group, you can rent out an entire villa or apartment for cheap. If a couple of you don’t mind sleeping on the sofa, you can save a lot more.