6 Native Animals You Can See In The Swedish Wilderness

Umgransele, Sweden. Photo by Emma Waleij on Unsplash

When people picture Scandanavian wildlife, the first thing that usually springs to mind is reindeer. Although you can find the festive friends here, Sweden has a lot more to offer when it comes to the beautiful animals that roam there. Here are some you may bump into if you venture into the wild.


Lynxes are very common in Sweden but they are very shy. It can be difficult to spot these creatures in the wild but if you are quiet, you may get lucky.


Moose are in abundance in Sweden. Per square mile, there are even more moose here than in Canada. Rarer than this is the White Moose, although only 100 are known to exist.

Arctic Fox

The Arctic Fox is an endangered species. They can be found in specific locations in the Scandinavian mountains. You would be lucky to encounter one on your trip.


There are plenty of beavers in Sweden. They are particularly abundant in Dalarna.

Brown Bear

One animal you probably do not want to run into in the wild is the brown bear. In reality, brown bears are very shy and stay well away from people.


Scandinavian wolves, on the other hand, are more dangerous. They are found in packs and if you want to observe them, it best to head out with an experienced tracker.