5 Essential Tips For Traveling The Galapagos

Photo by Mac Gaither on Unsplash

The Galapagos is a group of islands off the coast of Ecuador, that is home to some of the most diverse species on the planet. Inspiration for Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, this archipelago is an impressive collection of flora and fauna. If you are lucky enough to visit, take a look at the top tips below:

Fly Into Baltra

Cruises to the Galapagos can be very expensive and you will be restricted in how long you spend at a destination. For a cheaper and more flexible trip, fly into Baltra and then take a boat over to Santa Cruz. You will find lots of information about trips to other islands and reasonably priced places to stay.

Bring Cash

Consider your budget and make sure you have enough cash. Many of the islands have limited or no ATMs – so you need to make sure you have enough money for your trip back to the airport. Also, remember you will have to pay an entrance fee, as part of the island’s commitment to eco-tourism.

Avoid Swimming At Dusk

The waters surrounding the Galapagos are teaming with marine life. If you want to see turtles, lobsters, sea horses, stingrays, and sharks – this is the ideal location. Avoid swimming at dusk and dawn because this is when sharks are most active in their feeding habits.

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Use Guides

There are a number of local people trained as “guides” on the island. If you are entering any area designated as a natural park, you have to be accompanied by a certified guide. These people are nature experts and come with a wealth of knowledge.

Bring Medicine

If you are planning on staying on the islands for more than a week, it is worth bringing your own supply of antihistamine and antibiotics. On some of the islands, medical treatments are very limited.