5 Colorful Buildings That You Have to See in Mexico

Photo by Ivan Cervantes on Unsplash

If you’re a huge fan of lively, vibrant buildings, you’ll feel right at home in Mexico. Architectural wonders in all the colors of the rainbow are scattered all across this country, and here are five you should consider checking out.

Blue – Frida Kahlo Museum (Mexico City)

Commonly known as the Blue House due to its cobalt-blue walls, Frida Kahlo’s former home now serves as a museum dedicated to her life and work.

Yellow – Convento de San Antonio (Izamal)

Izamal is commonly known as the Yellow City because many of its buildings come in this color, but none of them is more breathtaking than Convento de San Antonio.

Orange – Cuixmala

One of Mexico’s most lavish hotels is a part of a secluded biosphere reserve on the Pacific Coast, and it’s instantly recognizable thanks to its vibrant orange shade.

Red – Frontón México (Mexico City)

If you’re a fan of art deco architecture exploring Mexico City, this striking red building will immediately catch your eye if you find yourself anywhere near it.

Pink – Camino Real Hotel  (Mexico City)

If you’re one of those travelers who are looking for all things pink everywhere they go, you have to visit this iconic pink wall that became one of Mexico City’s most Instagram-friendly spots.