5 Amazing Facts No One Ever Told You About the Empire State Building

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

The Empire State Building has been dominating New York City’s skyline for decades, and it’s one of the city’s biggest landmarks. Everyone wants to see it at least once, but there’s a lot that most people don’t know about this groundbreaking skyscraper.

Race into the Sky

“Race into the sky” was the popular name for the intense competition to build the world’s tallest building in New York during the 1920s, and this building was a part of these efforts.

Setting Records

The building earned the title of the world’s tallest building in 1931 and held it until 1972, but it’s no longer even in the top 20.

Fast Track

Compared it the modern skyscrapers, this New York City landmark was built pretty fast, and only took 410 days to complete.

Airship Dock

The top of the Empire State Building was supposed to be used as a docking port for airships, but they never became an extremely popular means of transportation.

Changing Lights

This building doesn’t look exactly the same all year long, because the shade of its multi-colored floodlights actually changes in accordance to current events.