4 Unique Art Galleries to Visit In Brisbane, Australia

Photo by Brisbane Local Marketing on Unsplash

Despite not having the same rep as Melbourne for its arts and culture scene, Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia has plenty to offer in the way of museums and art galleries. Here are four unique contemporary art galleries to visit in Brisbane.

Jan Murphy Gallery

The Jan Murphy Gallery is committed to Australian contemporary art. You’ll find both emerging and established artists featured here. Expect lots of colors and imaginative ideas.

Philip Bacon Galleries

The Philip Bacon Gallery is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in the whole of Australia. It displays works of some of the country’s most prestigious contemporary artists including Tim Storrier and Margaret Olley.

QUT Art Museum

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Art Museum is located across the river next to the Botanical Gardens. In addition to contemporary art and prints, it also contains sculptures, ceramics, and more traditional Australian paintings.

Spiro Grace Art Rooms

The Spiro Grace Art Rooms boast a series of imaginative exhibitions. The exhibits make use of space and dynamics by bringing the art to life in 3D form.