Camino de Santiago, Spain. Photo by Damien DUFOUR Photographie on Unsplash

The Camino de Santiago’s “French Way” is one of the most popular routes for tourists throughout the world. This ancient pilgrimage path, which cuts through northern Spain after originating in the French Pyrenees mountains, is full of natural beauty, charming small towns, and stunning cathedrals. The Camino can be done in different ways, and here are some that you might enjoy trying.

On Foot

The traditional way to do the Camino is on foot, with the grueling walk between France and Santiago de Compostela often taking up to a month. However, it is a hugely rewarding experience as you will walk with fellow pilgrims and see the landscape at a slow pace up close.

By Bike

Doing the Camino de Santiago is becoming more and more popular by bike, as the culture of cyclists who check out this route continues to grow. You’ll find that all of the paths and roads on the Camino are bikeable, making it a great option if you have the stamina to do this version.

By Car

Are you looking to do a fast version of the Camino? If so, you can definitely do it by car even though it might not be the most traditional way. Go slowly, though, to be sure to soak in the essence of the Camino’s towns and scenery.