3 Unique Things About Naples, Italy

City of Naples, Italy
City of Naples, Italy. Photo by Tom Podmore on Unsplash

Naples is a big city on the West Coast of Italy. Its thriving streets contain everything you would imagine in a buzzing city, but in addition to this, there are certain aspects that make Naples special. You should grab a chance to head there to enjoy these unique selling points of the charming city. 

Local History

There are some amazing sites to see in the local area, such as the ancient city of Pompeii. As well as this, the local museum is one of the best for displaying incredible artifacts from all across the world at different points in time. 

The Food

Naples street food is famous. you won’t find anything like it elsewhere, and Neapolitian-style pizza is not to be missed. Sitting on a winding street in Naples with mopeds zooming past while eating some incredible street food is the ultimate Italian experience. 

Mount Vesuvius

Looming out of the water just south of Naples, this huge volcano is a spectacular site. It can be seen from many vantage points throughout the city and creates a stunning backdrop. You can even get a bus trip up to the top to peer inside the volcano and gain incredible views of the surrounding area.