3 Tips for Playing Tourist in Your Hometown

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unplash

Rediscovering the charm of your hometown through the eyes of a tourist can transform familiar streets into a playground of new discoveries. Intrigued what this could look like? Let’s explore how you can shake off the local’s apathy and dive into the wonders of your hometown.

Change Your Perspective

Ask yourself, what would someone visiting for the first time be excited to see? This might require some research. Even small towns often have a museum, historical site, or a locally loved restaurant that you might have overlooked. 

Capture the Moments

Approach your hometown with a camera just as a tourist would. This not only makes you more observant but also lets you document your experiences. Photograph both the iconic and the overlooked. Snap pictures of well-known landmarks as well as those quirky, hidden gems. 

Act Like a Visitor

Embrace the mindset of a tourist. You’re there to explore and enjoy! Try dining out at a restaurant you’ve never visited before—perhaps the one always recommended to tourists. And, for a fresh perspective of your town, consider spending a night in a local inn or a bed and breakfast. It might seem a bit extravagant, but it feels like a mini-vacation and can truly change how you see your surroundings.