3 Things you Must Know Before Planning a Trip To Bhutan

Punakha Dzongkhag, Bhutan.
Punakha Dzongkhag, Bhutan. Photo by Kinshuk Bose on Unsplash

Bhutan, a tiny country in Southeast Asia, only began allowing tourism in the 1960s. Planning a visit to Bhutan is quite different from most countries and requires planning. Here are a few practical things to know about traveling to Bhutan.

Going On Your Own Isn’t Recommended

Bhutan charges all foreign tourists a daily visitation fee of $200-$250. Trekking or visiting more remote parts of the country may require extra permits. That’s why it’s recommended to travel to Bhutan with a trusted tour company rather than on your own. The company will handle all the logistics of the visa and itinerary, which can be very challenging to do on your own.

There Are Many Places Where Photos Aren’t Allowed

One rule to remember when visiting Bhutan is this: when your shoes are off, leave the camera in your bag. If you have to take your shoes off before entering somewhere, it means that place is sacred, and so taking pictures is considered inappropriate.

Bhutan is at High Altitude

Paro, where all flights to Bhutan arrive, is at an altitude of over 7,000 feet. Many treks in the country go even higher than that, which makes for great views but can also cause altitude sickness. Do pack painkillers for headaches and check with your doctor about altitude adjustment prescription medicine before your trip.