3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Welsh Language

Wales, United Kingdom. Photo by Sammy Leigh Scholl on Unsplash

Welsh language, also known as Cymraeg, is one of the oldest languages in Europe. It’s not as common as it used to be and there are less than a million people still using it today. This made UNESCO mark it as “vulnerable”. Here are three facts about the Welsh language that you didn’t know.

It’s Around 4,000 Years Old

Welsh comes from the Celtic language and it’s around 4,000 years old. This makes it one of the oldest languages in Europe that’s still in use!

20 Ways to Say Yes

There are 20 different ways to say yes in the Welsh language. Which one is used depends on the context—what’s the question, who’s being asked, and which tense the answer is in. There is, however, only one word for no— “no”.

It’s Very Difficult to Learn

The resources for learning Welsh are quite limited compared to other languages and it’s also very difficult to learn. There are many things learners struggle with and one of them is how to make certain words plural. There are some other things that make Welsh difficult and new learners never expect them, which can be frustrating.