3 Things to Take Into Consideration When Plotting Safe Layover Times

Photo by kelvin balingit on Unsplash

No one enjoys long layovers, but short ones can be just as dangerous since there’s a risk of never making it to your next flight. If you can’t determine if the layover time between your flights is sufficient, here’s a couple of things you should keep in mind.

Changing Gates

Do proper research before your flight, and check if you’ll be required to change gates during your layover. If that’s not the case, or if your gates are located in close proximity to each other, you don’t have to plan for a long layover in order to make it.

Airport Size

If the airport you’re traveling to isn’t too big, you may be able to make it to your next flight even if the layover is only 30 minutes long. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case and it takes much more time to make it from one gate to another, especially when you’re not familiar with your surroundings.

Final Destination

Always know if you’ll have to check your luggage and go through security again before your next flight. If that’s not the case, your layover doesn’t have to be extremely long, but also keep in mind you might have to go through customs and immigration before your next flight.