3 Serene Green Spaces That You Shouldn’t Miss in Phoenix, Arizona

Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, United States
Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, United States. Photo by Nichole Granja on Unsplash

Most people see Phoenix as a getaway to such wonders as the Grand Canyon and Saguaro National Park, but you can actually enjoy Arizona’s natural beauty without ever stepping outside of this city. Here are three breathtaking green spaces that will make you fall in love with Phoenix.

Papago Park

The natural beauty of Phoenix knows no bounds, and Papago Park is definitely one of its shiniest stars. It covers 1,500 acres, and it’s home to such iconic attractions as Phoenix Zoo and Hole-in-the-Rock, in addition to offering hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, and so much more.

Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden is also located inside Papago Park, but it became so iconic that it deserves a special mention. It’s home to a captivating collection of native agave and cacti and serves as a vital sanctuary for Arizona’s botanical heritage because it’s home to over 300 rare, endangered, and threatened species.

Encanto Park

One of the oldest parks in Phoenix, Encanto Park offers a wide range of activities across 222 acres of lush green spaces. It’s best known for being home to the Enchanted Island Amusement Park, but you’ll also find a spacious lagoon, walking trails, golf courses, and picnic areas on its grounds.