3 Reasons Why You Must Visit Finland

Northern lights in Kuopio, Finland
Kuopio, Finland. Photo by Niilo Isotalo on Unsplash

Found in the northeastern corner of Europe, Finland is a fascinating country that, although quite hard to get to, is well worth it if you can. It offers some amazing scenery as part of the Arctic Circle, as well as a unique culture and many experiences that are unlike anywhere else. If you’ve never been, here are three reasons to go to Finland.

Incredible Natural Wonders

Finland boasts an array of incredible landscapes including some unspoiled coniferous forests and thousands of lakes and small islands. The Finnish Archipelago is an amazing sight to behold and you can enjoy sailing around it or traveling at higher speeds via a speedboat.

Finnish Culture

Finnish culture is quite unique, being situated between the rest of Scandinavia to the west and Russia to the east. Its small population and large landmass, combined with the Finnish Archipelago and an abundance of lakes, mean it is quite a wild country with unique people who are friendly if a bit eccentric.

Finnish Cuisine

Finland’s food is heavy on seafood and fish, with lots of dishes focusing on freshly caught fish. Try creamy salmon soup, or reindeer stew for a local dish that is unique and delicious. You might also end up at a crayfish party, in which Fins drink vodka and eat many crayfish to celebrate Finnish independence.