3 Reasons Why Idaho Should Be on Your Travel List

Reasons to visit Idaho
Photo by Clark Wilson on Unsplash

Have you been to Idaho before? This Northwestern state has plenty to offer, mostly when it comes to nature. It’s full of beautiful mountains, meadows, river canyons, and it’s perfect for many nature sports like rafting, fly fishing, and many other cool activities. Here are three reasons why you should visit it as soon as you can.


There are over 2,000 lakes in Idaho so you won’t have an easy task if you decide to visit just one or two. The largest one is Pend Oreille located in the north region of the state. It’s also the fifth-deepest lake in the US and has a huge variety of fish species living there.


If you enjoy exploring wildlife, Idaho is the place to be. From birds to bears and everything in between, many amazing species are waiting to be discovered there. The Southeast area of the state is home to moose and mule deer, among other wild animals.

Starry Sky

When a place has so many wild, uninhabited spaces, it’s not as polluted as cities. It’s also darker at night, which means you can enjoy a view of the starry sky when there are no clouds. Camping is a perfect way to experience this but you can also join guided tours and night hikes.