3 Reasons to Visit Tarangire National Park While in Tanzania

Tarangire National Park in Tanzania
Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. Photo by ray rui on Unsplash

It’s impossible to find an African country that doesn’t have a few stunning national parks in store and Tanzania is home to some of the very best including Tarangire National Park. This national park deserves a spot on your bucket list for more reasons than one, and here’s why you should pay it a visit.

Amazing Wildlife

Like most national parks in Tanzania, Tarangire will knock you off your feet with its diverse wildlife. It’s home to many mammal species, ranging from lions and leopards to zebras and wildebeest. There are also 550 species of birds on its grounds, and termite mounds are scattered all around it.

Diverse Flora

Flora of Tarangire is just as diverse as its fauna. If we had to pick one thing that this national park is best known for, baobab trees would make the cut, but its river valley and marshy areas are also surrounded by acacia woods and combretum woods.

Stunning Landscapes

Even if it wasn’t for its swamps and river valleys, Tarangire’s landscape would still be stunning. You can join a safari to discover everything it has in store and you’ll get to explore amazing views of the African savannah during your journey with surrounding mountains in the backdrop.