3 Reasons to Visit Murcia, Spain

Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia, Spain. Photo by Enrique Vidal Flores on Unsplash

If you enjoy discovering secret gems, you’ll love Murcia, a secret kept by the Spanish for a long time. If you don’t live in Spain, you’ve probably never heard of it, but Murcia has everything you need for a perfect vacation: beautiful coastline, delicious food, and exciting cities. Here are three reasons not to miss it. 

Fascinating History 

This small region has been through a lot in the past. It dates back to Roman times and the influences of all the cultures that lived in the area can be seen in the cities, mostly in the city of Murcia.  

Food and Wine 

The local food and wine are delicious in Murcia. The region is known for delicious produce that you can buy in the markets, and their rice is famous around the country. 


If you’ve always wanted to see flamingos in person, you can find them in Murcia! Make sure to go at the end of the summer as flamingos and other migratory birds come here during that time and spend the winter on the beaches.