3 Reasons That You Should Travel to Mexico

Reasons you should visit Mexico
Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

Is there something holding you back from visiting Mexico? You may have heard your friends regale you with wild stories from the region, and perhaps the stories sound a bit too crazy for you. Or perhaps you see yourself as more of an artsy type, and thus your eyes are more set on Europe. Perhaps you’re just nervous about traveling to a country you’ve never been to. These are all valid points, but here are three reasons why you should definitely consider visiting Mexico.

The Cuisine

If you’ve ever enjoyed Mexican food in your life, imagine that but multiplied by a hundred. Once you’re actually there, the authenticity of Mexican cuisine can’t be denied and it’s literally like tasting a piece of heaven. Beyond the tacos, enchiladas, and other popular delicacies, be sure to try some carne asada, cabrito, or some tasty tortas ahogadas.

The Music

Whether or not Mexican music is your thing, there’s something truly contagious about it that you can’t resist when you’re actually there. The genre of salsa so lively, fun, and spicy that you can almost taste it. The vibes are always positive, from local mariachi bands to reggaetón club dancing.

It’s Cheap

Ultimately, another great reason to visit Mexico is the fact that your money will have a lot more value there. When you compare it to Europe, your hard-earned dollars will get you access to a lot more luxury, for a lot less.