3 Northern European Destinations You Have to Visit

Brittany, France
Brittany, France. Photo by Matthieu da Cruz on Unsplash

When it comes to travel destinations, Southern Europe gets a lot of attention. From the beautiful islands and mainland of Greece, to the stunning shores of Portugal, there are plenty of reasons to explore the southern regions of the European continent. However, it would be a shame to miss out on what Northern Europe has to offer, especially as these destinations are often less crowded (and sometimes slightly cheaper) than their southern counterparts. Check out three top destinations you have to visit if you’re planning a trip to Northern Europe.

The Coastline Of Brittany

While southern France gets plenty of attention for good reason, you really don’t want to miss out on the north. The region of Brittany boasts some of the best coastal paths in Europe, and you can plan hikes that will last between a few hours or up to several days. There are plenty of pretty towns and villages to explore along the coast, don’t miss the fishing town of Perro-Guirec or the stunning village of Saint-Suliac.

Germany’s Black Forest

If you’re seeking a realm full of a sense of fairytales and magic, the Black Forest is for you. There are many beautiful old towns with traditional architecture, ancient hillside and mountain passes and, of course, the stunning forest which this area is famous for. Hire a tour guide to walk you through sections of this legendary forest, so that you can understand the history, culture and wildlife of the region in depth.

The Baltic Coast

While the coastline that stretches across countries including Poland, Estonia and Germany may not invite casual dips and sunbathing in the way that the Mediterranean shoreline does, that doesn’t mean that the Baltic coast isn’t worth exploring. You can expect miles of unspoilt sands, precious wildlife sanctuaries and charming little towns. Better yet, you will never encounter the crowds here that you might if you were vacationing in Italy, Greece or Spain – so enjoy the peace and solitude of the Baltic coastline.