3 Great Ideas for a Quick Fall Weekend Getaway

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

After a long, hot summer, the autumn season is finally upon us! As the days get shorter, the chill in the air begins to appear, and the crowds of summer tourists begin to vanish, you will find plenty to do in the fall travel-wise even if you stay close to home.

Here are three great ideas for a weekend fall getaway.

Drive to See the Fall Leaves

If you live in one of the many places where the leaves change colors during the fall, you might find great luck by planning out a day-long drive to see forests where leaf changes can be observed up close. The explosion of yellow, orange, and red is an unforgettable sight that can only be seen during this season.

Check Out a Small Town

Autumn is a great time to explore some of the small towns around wherever you live to check out their top sights, stores, restaurants, and essence. Getting out of the city can be a big relief, and using your weekend to see a smaller town can be the perfect laid-back plan.

Go on a Hike

Comfortable temperatures for hiking and physical activity outside are one of the best parts of fall. Take advantage of this to go on a hike in a local area, getting to see the region where you live from a whole new perspective while knocking out some important exercise.