3 Food You Need to Try When In Rio de Janeiro

Photo by Sara Dubler on Unsplash

No matter which city you’re visiting, you must try at least one traditional dish or street food to experience the magic of the city. It’s the best way to experience the energy of the place and add taste to your adventures. Today we have some food that you need to try if you’re ever in Rio de Janeiro. 


Made from the cassava root, tapioca is a great alternative for bread and ideal for people who try to avoid gluten. You can find the special flour at supermarkets and make it by yourself, or you can buy it from one of the mobile stalls in the center of the city. It looks like a pancake and you can make it salty or sweet, as you wish. 



Feijoada is a mix of black beans, pieces of meat which are usually pork, sometimes just ribs, meaty chunks, and sausages. It usually goes with rice, kale, and farofa, with some squeezed oranges on top. Sounds weird, but it’s very popular in Brazil. 


This berry is getting more and more popular not only in Rio but in the whole world.  Yet, people in Rio know how to eat right, so they consume the purple berry with strawberries or bananas and granola.