3 Cities You Should Check Out in Illinois Apart From Chicago

Image by Éovart Caçeir/Wikipedia

Chicago is usually the only city in Illinois that people have on their bucket list, but this US state is home to many more charming smaller towns worth visiting – including these three.


Rockford is a popular road trip destination with locals from Chicago since it’s located pretty close to this city. It will win you over with its beautiful nature. Anderson Japanese Gardens and Rock Cut State Park happen to be two of its most popular attractions.


If you’re on a quest to visit as many US state capitals as possible, Springfield is already on your bucket list. In addition to being the administrative center of Illinois, this city is also home to many sites connected to Abraham Lincoln, who lived here for several decades before moving to the White House.



If you’re simply looking for a charming small town where you can escape the bustle of Chicago, Evanston is just the place. This college town is located only a few miles away, and it’s home to several interesting museums that will keep you occupied for a couple of hours.