3 Best Museums to Visit in Lima, Peru

The museums of Lima, Peru
Photo by Aarom Ore on Unsplash

Lima is one of those capital cities that have something for everyone, including passionate museum dwellers. If a visit to a museum is your idea of a good time, here are three spots you shouldn’t miss out on while exploring the capital of Peru.

Larco Museum

Named after its founder Rafael Larco Herrera, this privately owned museum features an impressive collection of pre-Columbian artifacts. It houses exhibitions showcasing ceramics, jewelry, and the world’s largest collection of pre-Columbian erotic pottery.

Gold Museum

There are so many art and history museums in Lima that it would be weird to skip them for Gold Museum—but bear with us. This is actually one of the most popular museums in the entire city and it emphasizes the important role that gold and other precious metals played in the colonization of South America. Its collection features pre-Hispanic gold, weapons, and armor.

Lima Art Museum

Art lovers visiting Lima should make sure to put this museum on their travel itinerary. Housed in a beautiful neo-classical building, this is the best place in the city to explore Peruvian art and discover works of art from the pre-Columbian period to the present day.