3 Advantages to Booking a Treehouse Stay

Treehouses were a staple of many our childhoods, but have you ever been inside one of them as an adult? Treehouse lodging is a trend that’s gaining more and more popularity as people discover just how cool it can be to sleep in one of these dwellings.

So, just what are the reasons that they have become so popular as a vacation spot? Let’s check out three advantages they have!

Living a Childhood Dream

Treehouses evoke memories of childhood when we were all carefree and full of wonder. Treehouses represent this feeling in a certain way and even if you go back as an adult, many of these memories are sure to come back.

Connecting with Nature

Spending your vacation in a forest suspended amongst the trees is a great way to connect with nature and leave the material world behind. There’s nothing like hearing the leaves rustle with the breeze and the calls of birds while staying in a treehouse.

Calming and Relaxing

Staying in a hotel with lots of other people in the middle of a city has a time and a place, but if you want to just kick back and get away from it all, a treehouse is a fantastic option. You’ll be calm and relaxed during your entire stay.