Your Travel Guide to Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv things to do
Tel Aviv, Israel. Photo by Shai Pal on Unsplash

Tel Aviv, Israel, has an vibrant energy that’s almost tangible, urging you to walk through its streets and explore. A beautiful city with beaches and high-rise hotels, it’s flanked by the brilliant blue Mediterranean Sea and a lovely promenade. Here are some of the highlights of Tel Aviv.

The Beaches

Tel Aviv is a seafront city with 12 soft-sand beaches including Gordon, Metzitzim, Banana, and countless others. In addition to its natural beauty, you’ll fall in love with the palpable energy in the air as people play volleyball and paddleboards in the sand.

The Markets

Tel Aviv prides itself on its vibrant markets, including the popular Carmel Market where you can find pretty much anything. We’re talking jewelry, furniture, art, ceramics, produce, spices, falafel, you name it!

Sarona Complex

Here’s a relatively new complex that surrounds the restored German Templar Village. In addition to the wonderful cutting-edge architecture present in its towering skyscrapers, there’s also a huge indoor market with shops, stalls, and restaurants.

Tel Aviv Museum

This is one of the most popular museums among all of the ones in Tel Aviv. It’s an architectural spectacle with wide-open spaces on the inside where you’ll find sculptures by famous artists such as Degas and Auguste Rodin.