Unearth the Best Things to Do in Estonia’s Enchanting Capital of Tallinn

Kadriorg Art Museum, A. Weizenbergi, Tallinn, Estonia
Photo by Frederic Köberl on Unsplash

Welcome, fellow explorers, to the captivating city of Tallinn, where medieval charm meets modern allure. Estonia’s capital is a treasure trove of history, culture, and picturesque landscapes waiting to be discovered. In this travel blog post, we’re embarking on a journey through Tallinn’s cobblestone streets and enchanting old town, uncovering the very best things to do in this Baltic gem.

Explore Old Town

Begin your Tallinn adventure in the heart of the city, the UNESCO-listed Old Town (Vanalinn). Wander through its winding, cobblestone streets lined with colorful merchant houses and Gothic spires. Don’t forget to admire the medieval city walls and towers, which offer fantastic panoramic views.

Toompea Hill

Climb Toompea Hill to visit Toompea Castle and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The castle now houses the Estonian Parliament, while the cathedral’s ornate onion domes make it a must-see architectural gem.

Indulge in Baltic Cuisine

Satisfy your taste buds with Estonian cuisine at traditional restaurants like Olde Hansa or Rataskaevu 16. Try hearty dishes like herring with sour cream, black bread, and elk stew.Tallinn is known for its cozy cafés and bakeries. Sample sweet marzipan treats at the famous Maiasmokk Café or enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at Chocolaterie de Pierre.

Kadriorg Palace

Visit the stunning Kadriorg Palace, a baroque masterpiece built by Peter the Great for his wife Catherine. Today, it houses the Art Museum of Estonia, featuring a remarkable collection of European and Russian art. Explore contemporary Estonian art at the Kumu Art Museum, which showcases both permanent and temporary exhibitions in a striking modern building.

Admire the Sea Views

Take a stroll along the picturesque Pirita Promenade, which runs along the Gulf of Finland. Enjoy the sea breeze and beautiful views of Tallinn’s skyline. If you visit in the summer, head to Pirita Beach for a day of sunbathing and swimming. It’s a favorite spot for locals to relax.