Top 5 Foods & Drinks to Try in Scotland

Are you planning a trip to Scotland? In between exploring the breathtaking lochs, the busy inner cities, and rolling hills, you must make time for tasting Scotland’s best food and drinks. These are the five foods you can’t leave Scotland without trying.


One of Scotland’s most loved dishes is haggis, which is made of sheep’s pluck mixed with oatmeal, suet, herbs, spices, and seasoning packing inside the lining of the sheep’s intestine. Trust us when we say you’ll either love it or hate it. But it’s defiantly worth trying!


Porridge is a staple, especially in the winter. Served both sweet and tangy and topped with nuts and seeds, start your day off with this breakfast dish.


This buttery pastry comes in various shapes and sizes and it’s delicious served with raspberry and local honey alongside teas and coffees. It comes in flavors ranging from chocolate and caramel to rosewater.


Around the world, Scotland is known for its whisky, which is one of the country’s largest exports. There are tons of flavors including light and fluffy to a full-bodied smoky whisky.

Fresh Fish

The seafood in Scotland is to die for. There’s tons of variety including Atlantic salmon, trout, pollock, mussels, and oysters.