Top 4 Non-Touristy Things to Do in New York City, New York

Queens, New York
Queens, New York. Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

When visiting New York City, New York, for the first time, it is completely fine to act as a tourist. After all, the Big Apple offers so many captivating things for tourists to do and see. However, if you have already checked out the city’s most famous tourist attractions or simply want a different kind of experience, here are some non-touristy things you should consider doing while in NYC.

Explore Flushing, Queens

Flushing, Queens, might not be the trendiest neighborhood in New York City, but it is one that will present a great adventure. It has a rich history, the city’s largest Chinatown, a great selection of Asian food joints, and plenty of green spaces where locals come to relax.

Check Out the Farmers’ Markets

There are close to 50 farmers’ markets around New York City, and they are well worth checking out even if you don’t need fresh groceries. They are bustling with life, and visiting them represents an opportunity to get an in-depth look at the shopping habits of New Yorkers, mingle with the locals, and grab some cheap goodies.

Marvel at the Street Art at Bushwick Collective

New York City museums have some of the best and most famous artworks in the world. Because of this, tourists usually don’t get around to appreciate the city’s street art offerings. Don’t make the same mistake, and visit Bushwick Collective, an outdoor street art gallery that will leave you in awe with its stunning murals and intriguing graffiti works.

Hit a Stand-Up Comedy Club

Stand-up comedy is hugely popular in New York City. Every neighborhood has at least one stand-up comedy club that features nightly shows of both popular names and up-and-coming stand-up comedians. So instead of going to a nightclub, visit a stand-up comedy show and have a good laugh.