3 Things To Do in Plymouth, UK

Plymouth, United Kingdom
Plymouth, United Kingdom Photo by Frederica Diamanta on Unsplash

Plymouth is one of the largest cities in the southwest of the UK and offers a whole host of cultural and family-friendly activities. Famously the city from which the Mayflower departed for America, there’s plenty to do to keep all ages happy in this maritime city.

The Box Art Gallery and Museum

Explore the history of Plymouth through the exhibits in this fascinating museum. Learn all about ship figureheads, Sir Francis Drake, and of course the famous Mayflower voyage. You can also catch sight of some of Joshua Reynold’s paintings, as well as more modern works of art.

Walk Along Plymouth Hoe

The Hoe is the path that stretches along the marina, from this vantage point you can look out to sea and witness some of the huge ships coming in (Plymouth’s port is still very active). Drakes Island, a historical military base, is easily visible from the shore. You will also get good views of Dartmoor, the hills which rise above Plymouth to the north. Having a picnic underneath Smeaton’s Tower, the famous lighthouse that stands above the Hoe is a Plymouth must-do.

Visit The Aquarium

Plymouth Aquarium is Europe’s largest and conducts world-leading research into marine biology and the overall state of the seas. There are two very large tanks representing different marine environments, Atlantic and Mediterranean. There are also sharks, large eels, and the skeletons of various cetaceans which are very interesting to look at.