Three Of The Best Coastal Walks In Europe

Duino, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
Duino, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. Photo by Jacob Morch/Pexels

There is nothing like a good coastal walk – with the sea air in your lungs, and stunning views all around, it is guaranteed to make you feel energized and happy within no time. If you’re visiting Europe and would like to take advantage of the continent’s stunning coastlines, check out these three walks, all of which offer something extra special.

Hope Cove to Salcombe, Devon, UK

Start at the tiny fishing village of Hope Cove (get there early in summer so that parking is still available). As you head out of the village, following the well-marked trail, you will quickly climb through some woods. As you emerge from these, you will find yourself on top of a cliff with unbelieveable views to the east and west. Walking to Salcombe, the next major settlement, will take about four hours, and the terrain is quite steep. However, there are plenty of coves to stop and rest in along the way (you can even go for a quick swim if it’s warm enough), and there are enough farm shops and cafes to keep you well fuelled. In Salcombe itself, there are lots of bars and restaurants, and gorgeous sandy beaches where you can rest your weary feet.

Louannec to Perros-Guirec, Brittany, France

The northern coast of France can be wild and windswept, but it is also full of charm and beauty. This section of the coast path takes in the famous ‘Pink Granite Coast’, so look out for the awesome rose-tinted rock formations. Perros-Guirec is a large town where you will find many facilities, including some great cafes and restaurants. Louannec isn’t far, but take the walk slowly so you can admire the light on the sea and those fascinating granite monoliths.

Positano to Conca dei Marini, Naples, Italy

The footpath that winds around the awe-inspiring coastline just south of Naples is known as the ‘footpath of the gods’, and for good reason. Expect challenging terrain, with narrow paths and steep ascents and descents. The reward for all your hard work? Some of the best views in Italy, as you stand high above the azure sea and watch the world go on below you. There are many stunning villages and towns in this area (the resort of Sorrento being the most famous), and you can always find refreshments en route. If you’re going in the summer, avoid walking during the midday sun, as there is little shade on this walk.