The Benefits of Staying in an Airbnb

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

If you’re planning a long trip, where you’ll stay is something to think about. The answer to this question may seem simple to some, but to others, it can be quite a predicament. Will you stay at a hotel or hostel, or will you consider stepping outside the box and checking out an Airbnb? Here’s why it could be a good choice.

One-of-a-Kind Experience

Hotels usually feel similar in the flashy sense, but each Airbnb is special in its own way. You might stay in a big house, a treehouse, or even a beach home. It’s surprising what you can find, and you certainly won’t find anything like that when staying at a hotel

A Balanced Option

Airbnb is the perfect “middle” option between hotels and hostels. You can get away with not spending so much and you’ll get good value—and the best part is that you’ll have tons more privacy compared to a crowded hostel.

Friendly Hosts

One neat thing about Airbnb is the chance to meet great hosts. Not all hosts are fantastic, but many are friendly, chatty, and really know a lot about the city you’re visiting. They can serve as your own built-in tour guides!