Save Money on Your Hotel Stay with These Tips

Photo by Francesca Saraco on Unsplash

When booking a hotel stay, the price that we think about is usually the one that we see online when we select the room. However, a hotel stay can easily turn expensive even if you think you’ve gotten a good deal when searching if you do the wrong things upon arrival.

These tips will help ensure that your hotel stay doesn’t become unnecessarily expensive.

Don’t Pay for Parking

Most hotels these days, especially those found in cities, charge amounts that are often exorbitant for on-site parking. Unless it’s impossible to find another, more economical place to park nearby, it’s usually better to find street parking or garage parking that isn’t located on the premises.

Pay in Advance

It’s always cheaper to pay in advance for your hotel stay instead of doing so upon arrival. Why? Hotels offer lower rates for those who are willing to pay the full amount upon booking because it provides them with more security. Be careful, though, as this payment is usually non-refundable.

Sign Up for Free WiFi

Most chain hotels these days offer free WiFi, but with a catch. You usually have to sign up for the hotel’s loyalty program in order to have access to free internet through your stay. This is always free to do, so there’s no harm in signing up in order to be able to browse the web without any additional cost added on.