Looking for a True Adventure? Try a Skeleton Coast Safari in Namibia

Photo by JP Desvigne on Unsplash

Have you ever considered taking a trip to Namibia before? This relatively unknown southwest African country, with a population of just 2.5 million, is not at the top of most guidebooks. 

However, there is one magical place that anyone with an interest in stunning sights and creepy history should think about visiting.

Namibia’s Skeleton Coast comprises the entirety of the country’s 975 miles of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and is characterized by an extremely arid landscape, sand dunes, and powerful waves coming from currents from the cold South Atlantic Ocean.

Seeing the Skeleton Coast is a must, and there’s no better way to do it than on a multi-day safari with one of the companies that provide unique tours of the region.

These tours take visitors in Jeeps along the expansive sand dunes in the region, showing them high cliffs made of sand and the abandoned wreckages of many ships that have perished over the years due to the unpredictable sea conditions in the area.

This tour is intense and might not be for the weak-hearted, but anyone with an appreciation of the strength of nature will be impressed by what you will see on a safari tour of the Skeleton Coast.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not start planning your trip to Namibia’s Skeleton Coast now?