These 3 U.S. States are the Best Camping Destinations

Campsite in Colorado, USA
Photo by Alex Holt on Unsplash

Camping can be much more fun if you take it on the road. Traveling a bit longer to a great campground is usually worth the hassle because you will forget about everything else once you find yourself surrounded by relaxing nature.

If you are willing to to take a trip in search of a perfect camping spot, here are the best states to look for it.


Due to its big size and low population, Montana is an amazing place to look for peace and quiet. If you want to get lost in the wilderness and really experience camping in its basic form, this state will give you that opportunity. You’ll find plenty of campgrounds in state parks and other areas, but Glacier National Park should be your starting point.


Colorado is a state that invites you to be outdoors regardless of the time of the year. Its tall mountains, captivating scenery, and diverse nature make camping a special experience. Whether you like to be surrounded by trees or prefer to camp by the lake, you will be able to find a perfect spot for you. Rocky Mountain National Park is a good choice as any, but also consider Gunnison National Park and Mesa Verde National Park.


Being home to Yellowstone, one of the most spectacular national parks in the United States, it isn’t a wonder that Wyoming is such a fantastic place for camping. However, there are plenty of other places across this beautiful state where you can pitch your tent or park your RV, including state parks, private campgrounds, and even federal forests.