Iisa Hero Proves It’s Never Too Early To Travel the World on a Budget

Traveling the world is a huge investment, and most people think they have to save tons of money to do it—but not Iisa Hero. This travel blogger is still in her early 20s, but that’s not stopping her from exploring the world on a tight budget and teaching other young travelers to do the same.

Hero is an online business administration student, but this isn’t her only passion. She fell in love with traveling while visiting Australia and New Zealand as an exchange student in high school and spent a lot of time in the US visiting her boyfriend who lives there.

Hero visited over 40 countries at 21, and the list is getting longer by the day. She managed to do this despite having a pretty limited budget, and everything from her flights and accommodation to activities and food is as cheap as it gets.

Most people see the life of travel bloggers as a carefree and lavish adventure, but Hero is here to dismantle this misconception. Even though she reached a point where she can make money through brand partnerships, she spent a lot of time working on her business without any return.

“I’ve been creating travel content for a couple of years now and have finally been able to monetize my content in the last year. This has allowed me to keep traveling instead of having to get a regular job. Working for months and months without getting paid,” she explains on Instagram.

Hero’s Instagram page is now followed by over 200,000 people and she became a huge sensation because her posts offer a realistic look at budget travel, with all its ups and downs.