How to Stay Safe on a Road Trip During the Pandemic

Photo by John King on Unsplash

All types of traveling are risky right now, but if you do it right, a road trip may be the best way to stay safe and hit the road. The COVID-19 pandemic is doing us no favors and difficult traveling is only one of the side-effects. However, if you’re determined to get out for a few days on a road trip, make sure you follow these safety rules.


Make sure to check the latest regulations for the place where you’re going. See if there are any restrictions and stay up to date with any changes. Pack a bag of necessary items for dealing with the virus: hand disinfectant, masks, gloves, etc. Stock up on food so that you don’t have to stop for snacks.

On the Road

Avoid getting close to other people and don’t go to crowded places. If you’re going to sit in a restaurant for lunch or dinner, pick a place with outdoor seats and make sure they’re doing all the steps to help customers stay safe. If you’re spending the night, consider paying for a higher-range accommodation as it will typically be cleaner.

Back Home

Immediately take off all the clothes and start a washing cycle. Unpack the bags and wash everything. Disinfect the bag thoroughly from inside and outside. Shower and wash your hair before you hit the bed.